Saturday, January 06, 2007

Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica

Maybe animal stories are not your “cup of tea.” Maybe you ‘d rather read sports stories. Mike Lupica, the New York Daily News columnist, has a new book out, Miracle on 49th Street. Here’s a review from his website:

Josh Cameron has it all: a World Championship ring with the Boston Celtics, an
MVP award, a clean-cut image, and the adoration of millions. What he doesn't
have is family. Until the day 12-year-old smartaleck Molly Parker confronts him
in a parking lot and claims to be his daughter — the only daughter of Jen
Parker, Josh's college sweetheart and the still the only girl he's ever loved.
Trouble is, Jen Parker died last year, and now Molly has tracked down the father
she never knew, the one her mother never wanted her to know about. Josh Cameron
cares about two things only: himself, and basketball. The last thing this
superstar wants or needs is a 12-year-old daughter. Yet this isn't just any
12-year-old. Mr. World Champion has finally met his match.

Check it out from your SAS Library. ( We also have Heat and Travel Team.)

Read an excerpt

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